Collection: Live Brachionus manajavacas-L-strain Astaxanthin Enriched Rotifers

Brachionus manajavacas- L-strain live rotifers are maintained in clean, single-species cultures. This hardy strain was initially collected in the Azov Sea region of Russia and has been cultured in the laboratory since 1983. Our rotifers are fed a high-quality diet of phytoplankton followed by our Amplifeed™ Replete dry feed containing our bio-available astaxanthin nano-emulsion.  

Hatcheries using our astaxthin enriched live rotifers or raising their own rotifers using our growing protocol see significant differences in larval grow-out.  

Here are two groups of clownfish at 14 days eating rotifers.  The group fed astaxanthin enriched rotifers are 2X the size, have more color and higher survival rates. We have seen similar results across a variety of species. 


Our live rotifers can be used directly to feed fish,  corals, and filter-feeding invertebrates. Our rotifers can also be cultured for use in fish breeding.

Feed & Storage:

SN  rotifers are most simply and reliably cultured in plastic bags with aeration and clean saltwater. Feed with small amounts of SN’s  Amplifeed ™ Replete daily and change water twice weekly. Store rotifers in the refrigerator to slow their metabolism and extend shelf-life.

Ships in bags with  350K, 1M, 5M, 10M, 20M, 50M and 100M count options. 

Shipping FOB Jefferson City, TN  and quoted separately.  We guarantee live arrival. 

Taxes Quoted Separately. 

Contact us for volume order pricing. 

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