Complete Benchtop Rotifer PBR Production System- 50L

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Our 50L benchtop rotifer PhotoBioReactor production system consists of 10 growing stations, each with a 5-liter bag, 4' double sided.  

This system includes

PVC Assemblies:

  • Main PVC System Frame for Bag Support
  • PVC Frame for LED Light
  • PVC Manifold for Air Supply

Tools and Parts

  • 4 x LED Lights
  • 500 ML Wash Bottle
  • 53 um Rotifer Collector/Sieve
  • Air Pump
  • Air Valves (6)


  • 24 5 Liter Plastic Bags
  • Rubber Bands
  • Flexible Airline
  • Amplifeed Replete (tm) Rotifer Feed Starter Pack (100 GMs)
  • 1 15 oz bottle of Tetraselmis starter culture
  • Quickstart Rotifer Cysts (1 Vial)  Brachionus manjavacas  L Strain
    Pipette (12 pack) 1mL Each
  • Algae Food/Growth Medium 15 oz  F/42 Guillard
  • Plastic Caps/Shields for tops of Bags

10-Bag unit:

This sku ships in two boxes. 

Box 1 is sent via ground and contains the components for PBR assembly
Box 2 live starter cultures (algae and rotifers) and shipped via 2nd day services. 

 call for quotes. 


Assembly Instructions