Astaxanthin Bioactivity Is Determined by Stereoisomer Composition and Extraction Method

Natural Astaxanthin (ASX) is one of the most powerful antioxidants known, increasing fecundity, egg yolk volumes, growth rates, immune responses and disease resistance.  

A large part of the bioactivity of ASX comes from its affinity to embed into the mitochondria plasma membrane. Here,  it mechanically stabilizes the membrane and acts as a powerful antioxidant protecting the mitochondria from reactive oxygen species (ROS) byproducts. 

Check out our lasted publication on Astaxanthin published in Nutrients by MPDI, April 6, 2022. 

This review covers the commercial sources of astaxanthin, the structure, bioavailability and bioactivity of ASX stereoisomers, the mechanisms of ASX bioactivity, the evolution of carotenoids and why mitochondrial targeting makes ASX such an effective antioxidant.