About Us


Sustainable Nutrition Inc. traces its roots to the worlds' largest indoor hatchery for marine ornamentals.   Sustainable Aquatics has successfully bred over 120 species of fish becoming experts in the nutritional diets that broodstock, larval, frys, juveniles and adult fish require to thrive. 

Sustainable Nutrition Inc. was formed in 2017 to bring the insights and technologies used at the hatchery to advance human and animal wellness for others. 

We  developed a novel process to extract natural compounds  found in plant biomass that are essential cellular and mitochondrial health.  As these compounds are non-water/blood soluble, we invented a delivery system that carries these compounds through the digestive tract and blood stream into the cell and mitochondrial walls, using natural proteins, lipids and starches from the plant. 

For humans, we are selling the world's most potent cell resident anti-oxidant, astaxanthin, ever bottled.  Please check us out on www.adjuvia.life for more information.  We also support www.sncelabs.com who developed an astaxanthin + CBD  product. CBD is a cell-resident compound needed by our bodies to enable our inflammation/anti-inflammation response system.  Astaxanthin protects CBD from being consumed by oxygen radicals coming from our mitochondria. 

For aquaculture, Our labs are constantly experimenting with food additives seeking to improve fish and aquatic animal health. These include anti-inflammatory and immune system boosting compounds that allow fish to be reared in captivity without using antibiotics.  Our first products are designed to provide astaxanthin to farmed animals by mimicking nature. Animas raised on our products grow fast,  have higher reproductive health,  reduced deformities,  higher survival rates, live longer and are more tolerant of disease and infections. 




John Carberry-co-founder/Co CEO/BoD

 John has over 100 inventions and  has served as  CEO/CTO/GM roles in multiple companies.  John is a prolific reef diver, half Norwegian,  and loves fish and chips made with cod. 

Dr. Terry Snell-  Scientific Advisor

Professor and Elizabeth Smithgall Watts Chair in Animal Behavior and Conservation
Georga Tech

Terry is one of the worlds leading authority on rotifers. 



Matthew Carberry
Senior Scientist

Matthew is also the CEO and co-founder of Sustainable Aquatics.
His mission is to breed and preserve marine ornamentals so that that future generations will enjoy what he has experienced in diving reefs throughout the world.

Tim Wilson

Co-founder/Co-CEO/Board of Directors

He has founded/started/served as a leader/board member/investor in  multiple public and private companies. 

Cliff Higgerson

Board of Directors

Cliff was a Founding Partner of ComVentures and a General Partner with Vanguard Venture Partners.