About Us


Sustainable Nutrition’s mission is to prevent and mitigate a wide range of chronic diseases and immune system disorders in humans and animals.  We identify natural compounds missing in modern diets that lead to mitochondrial dysfunction and compromised molecular processes, source non GMO algae,  plants and yeasts containing the identified target and apply our patented technology to formulate supplements that are highly bioavailable and affordable.

Our first compounds focus on nature's most powerful anti-oxidant, astaxanthin coupled with enzymes, metals, minerals and vitamins critical for early development and immune system performance. 

We believe that replicating how the food chain presents these compounds  to human and animals will have a profound impact on health, wellness and immunity. 




John Carberry-co-founder/Co CEO/BoD

 John has over 150 inventions and  has served as  CEO/CTO/GM roles in multiple companies.  John is a prolific reef diver, half Norwegian,  and loves fish and chips made with cod. 

Dr. Terry Snell-  Scientific Advisor

Dr. Snell is  the Chair Emeritus of Georgia Tech's Department of Biology. He is a world-renowned expert in rotifers.



Matthew Carberry
Senior Scientist

Matthew is also the CEO and co-founder of Sustainable Aquatics.
His mission is to breed and preserve marine ornamentals so that that future generations will enjoy what he has experienced in diving reefs throughout the world.

Tim Wilson

Co-founder/Co-CEO/Board of Directors

He has founded/started/served as a leader/board member and investor in  multiple public and private companies. 

Cliff Higgerson

Board of Directors

Cliff was a Founding Partner of ComVentures and a General Partner with Vanguard Venture Partners.