Sustainable Nutrition Announces 47X Improvement in Bioavailability of Nature's Most Powerful Antioxidant

We exposed neonate rotifers to three different sources of astaxanthin: 40 µg/ml of unextracted Haematococcus pluvialis (Hp) powder.  20 µg/ml of the astaxanthin supplement that uses the Super-Critical Carbon Dioxide Process (SCC02) to improve the bioavailability of Hp powder and 6 µg/ml of our Amplifeed astaxanthin and waited for 24 hours.  Using fluorometry here is what we found. 

The unextracted Hp powder is not bioavailable. No surprise as this material is 50-60 micron cysts designed to pass right on through any animal eating Hp during its hibernation state. 

The best SCC02 supplement? 

The salmon industry gave up on using natural astaxanthin as it didn't work as advertised and here is why.   We purchased natural supplements that use the super-critical carbon dioxide extraction (SCC02) process to reduce the size of the cyst to 2-4 microns.  Rotifers exposed to this material absorbed 6.23 nanograms of astaxanthin per rotifer.  Where did the rest go? Down the drain. 


We nano-size Hp to <100 nm at low temperatures and use an oral delivery system to carry astaxanthin through the gut and into the cell plasma membrane.  We  were able to pack 
150 ng of astaxanthin into each rotifer...47X more than SSC02. 

Larval fish fed Amplifeed Replete enriched rotifers and Amplifeed Topcoat supplements  grow faster, have few deformities and enjoy much higher survival rates.

No surprise. It's just math. 

Nature's most powerful antioxidant.