<20 month Alevin to Harvest Possible for non GMO Salmon Grown in RAS system with high yields and negligible deformities.


Jefferson City, TN
December 16, 2020


< 20 month Alevin to Harvest Possible for non-GMO Salmon Grown in RAS system with high yields and negligible deformities.

Sustainable Nutrition Inc and Sustainable Aquatics Inc today released the results of their joint study demonstrating a <20-month growth cycle is possible in land-based, recirculating aquaculture systems (RAS) using advanced nutrition supplements coupled with robust water engineering techniques. 

Using 1000 triploid, all female, sterilized eggs, the project demonstrated 240% faster growth rate at 13°C with <1% deformities and >96% egg survival rates through the critical allometric phase of development.

Until today, salmon farmers were faced with a difficult choice.  The optimal growth rate for salmon occurs between 12-14°C.  However, salmon farmers operating at this temperature using standard feeds and protocols typically suffer up to 60% losses from mortality & deformities.  Standard practice is to lower the temperature to 6-8°C during the alevin to fry stage, markedly slowing growth rates while reducing mortality/deformity losses. 

This trial demonstrated that using Amplifeed(tm) Topcoat supplements from Sustainable Nutrition Inc. coupled with advances in environmental and water quality controls developed by Sustainable Aquatics allows RAS salmon farms to outperform the growth rate of wild salmon.

“During this period, salmon grow allometrically, devoting more energy to gills, eyes, mouth, liver and the muscular back half of the fish so that they can hunt, eat and evade predators,” said Dr. Terry Snell, Chair Emeritus, School of Biology, Georgia Institute of Technology.  “If salmon do not achieve their genetically programmed allometric growth profile during early development, they do not recover and become compromised adults. “

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About Sustainable Nutrition Inc.

Sustainable Nutrition’s mission is to prevent and mitigate a wide range of chronic diseases and immune system disorders in humans and animals.  We identify natural compounds missing in modern diets that lead to mitochondrial dysfunction and compromised molecular processes, source non-GMO algae, plants and yeasts containing the identified target and apply our patented technology to formulate supplements that are highly bioavailable and affordable.

We believe that replicating how the food chain presents these compounds to human and animals will have a profound impact on health, wellness and immunity. 




About Sustainable Aquatics Inc. 

Sustainable Aquatics Inc was founded in 2003 to develop nutritional and husbandry protocols to sustainably grow fish using land based Recirculating Aquaculture Systems (RAS). 

The company’s R&D team has bred over 200 non-GMO warm and cold-water species, achieving >95% egg to harvest yields, <1% deformities, fast maturation, and exceptional color expression without the use of antibiotics.  Each month the hatchery ships tens of thousands of live fish to over 40 countries. 

In 2017, the company spun out its patents and methods for manufacturing nutrients required to promote cellular and mitochondrial health to Sustainable Nutrition Inc. and remains the largest shareholder and R&D collaborator. 

In December,  2020, Sustainable Aquatics announced its entry into the salmon market and is developing a 12mtpa RAS salmon farm capable of a < 20 month hatch to harvest cycle, a first for non-GMO Atlantic Salmon. 

Beyond salmon the Company is developing the nutrition and feed protocols required to farm pelagic spawners (including herring and cod) targeting fish populations that have collapsed from overfishing, pollution and climate change. 


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