reports back steady growth, good coloration and good survival rates using Amplifeed Topcoat



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Other measures taken under the BioFish concept are the use of natural astaxanthin in the early stages of life. In a collaborative project with researchers in Tennessee, and a tax discovery project, we have found that natural astaxanthin acts as a natural antioxidant and provides steady growth, good coloration and good survival on the fish. Research shows that natural astaxanthin is an important "vitamin" for the fish, and when we know this we must give the fish the most natural starting point possible. - Results show that with our own BioFish technology we can manage to produce 700 grams of fish in just 12 months from initial feeding, and with further experiments from 550 grams we have results that with our own technology we can achieve five kilos in a total of 18-19 months after initial feeding, says Ole Fredrik Skulstad, general manager of"