Our Astaxanthin

When a living cell is faced with environmental stresses such as exposure to toxins, nutrient deprivation, cancer, bacterial or viral infections it creates reactive oxidative species [(ROS)] to fight off the attack. However, prolonged exposure to stress leads to conditions where ROS levels can quickly elevate causing cell damage and ultimately death.

To cope with elevated levels of ROS, all animals require two types of antioxidants.

Vitamin C and other water soluble antioxidants transport ROS via the blood stream to the liver for disposal. Astaxanthin is a hydrophobic molecule, not soluble in water. Astaxanthin loves lipids/fatty tissues. If delivered correctly, it embeds itself into the cell wall and has the mission of grabbing ROS from the inside of the cell and passing them to the antioxidants in the bloodstream, providing an essential channel for the cell to rid itself of ROS.

Sustainable Nutrition extracts 100% natural astaxanthin produced by Haematoccocus pluvialis (HP) microalgae. Microalgae that produce natural astaxanthin are the primary reason why wild caught salmon are deep red in color, have a stronger immune system and grow faster than farmed salmon that generally do not get natural astaxanthin in their diets 

Our patented extraction process results in a molecular assembly that is 10X smaller than our competitors and couples it to a nano-emulsion delivery system that ensures that our astaxanthin is carried through the digestive tract directly to the cell walls where it embeds itself and does its magic.