Our Astaxanthin

All animal cells use mitochondria to provide energy.   Unfortunately, the process of making energy is not perfect. The mitochondria produces reactive oxygen species (ROS) and surplus ROS is toxic.  ROS production increases with environmental or physical or nutritional stress accelerating deformities, compromising immune systems and even death. 

There are many micronutrient antioxidants including Vitamin C, Chlorophyll, CQ-10, and minerals like zinc, selenium, magnesium and Iron. 

Astaxanthin is a completely unique antioxidant. It is nature's most powerful antioxidant, 6000X more powerful than Vitamin C.   Unlike all other antioxidants,  Astaxanthin has no other function other than seek out and destroy surplus ROS. 

Sustainable Nutrition's patented process derives the 3S3S' form astaxanthin produced by Haematococcus pluvialis (HP) micro-algae.  This form of astaxanthin is nano-sized using our patented technology and uses natural lipids inside the algae cells to form a delivery system that is needed to enable  to pass  through the  digestive system and blood stream into the cell plasma membrane and walls of the  mitochondria. Our process results in a 10X increase in bioavailability compared to astaxanthin extracted using the Super Critical Carbon Dioxide Method.