Amplifeed Topcoat- 8 essential micronutrients

Amplifeed Topcoat includes 8 essential metals, minerals & vitamins that help boost the performance broodstock,  support the critical allometric development phase and help maintain the immune system throughout life.

All of our ingredients are derived from non gmo algae and yeast and leverage our patented process to nano-size target compounds and use algae based lipids to facilitate the transfer of the micronutrients through the cell plasma membrane. 

Astaxanthin:   All fish cells contain mitochondria that provide energy using chemistry. Unfortunately, the process of making energy is not perfect and creates reactive oxygen species (ROS) which are toxic to animal health.  To mitigate ROS you need micronutrients that function as antioxidants. Vitamin C, Chlorophyll, CQ-10, trace minerals including zinc, magnesium and Iron are all examples but each of these micronutrients play a role in other vital metabolic pathways. 

Vitamin C is used to make collagen critical for healthy bones.  CQ10 is used by the mitochondria to make energy and zinc plays a role in the immune system. 

The micronutrient, astaxanthin, is a completely unique compound. It is nature's most powerful antioxidant, 6000X more powerful than Vitamin C.  Unlike the others, astaxanthin has no other metabolic function. its sole purpose is to seek out and destroy surplus ROS and in turn protecting the other micronutrients to ensure they are available to boost health and immunity. 

We use the 3S3S' form astaxanthin produced by Haematococcus pluvialis (HP) micro-algae. 

Vitamin C to support collagen production for gil and skeletal formation. 

Iron:  To supports the animals ability  to transfer oxygen from the gills into their tissues. 

Selenium: An essential compound especially for the thyroid. We add a specific form of selenium yeast called selenomethionine that enables protein creation. Selenium is specifically in high demand during egg development. 

Magnesium: An essential metal that supports energy production as well as nerve and muscle functions. We include a high bioavailable form of magnesium that is water/blood soluble.

Zinc:   Widely used for DNA synthesis,  in our immune system and as an anti-inflammatory agent. Our form of zinc is derived from algae, free of oxides , phytic acid and phytates. 

DHA:  critical to immune system functionality, specifically for the anti-inflammatory immune system response. 

Taurine:  Taurine is an amino acid and a building block of proteins. Taurine is used throughout our bodies for digestion, controlling the salt levels needed to move vital compounds into/out of  cells by osmosis and heart/eye health.