Amplifeed Topcoat Instructions for Use

 Amplifeed Topcoat Instructions for Use


  • Suggested ratio for use is 1:10 (1 part Amplifeed Replete Topcoat to 10 parts fish feed) for larval growout, broodstock feeds. 1:20 for adult growout.
  • Ratio can be safely increased to 1:5 depending upon the needs of the hatchery
  • store Topcoat in the refrigerator until required 
  • it is helpful to mix the material and warm (up to 40C will not cause any harm) before use to make the topcoating process easier.
  1. Remove Topcoat from refrigerator and warm to 25C  (up to 40C).  

  2. Add desired amount of pellet feed to be coated to a mixer bowl and create a small depression in the center of the bowl.

  3. Add Amplifeed Replete Topcoat to this depression

  4. Whisk in mixer until feed is evenly coated. Using a cover for the mixer and a high-speed setting will ensure even and thorough coating and absorption of Amplifeed Replete Topcoat by the feed

    Note: It may be necessary to mix for several minutes and then use a spatula to wipe-down the sides of the bowl, followed by an additional 2-minute mixing time.

  5.  Completed feed is now ready to use (place in refrigerator for long-term storage).

Figure 1. Add Amplifeed Replete Topcoat to feed to be coated. Mix until even consistency and color.


Figure 2. Finished product ready to be spooned into feed cans.