Amplifeed Topcoat Instructions for Use

Suggested ratio for use

Broodstock 4 weeks prior to spawning:

1:5  (1 part Amplifeed Replete Topcoat to 5 parts fish feed)

First Dry Laval Feeds:  1:10 during the allometric development phase

Growout:             1:20 throughout life

Amplifeed Topcoat will not change the mechanical performance of dry feeds if properly applied. 

Usage Instructions

  • mix the material and warm up to minimum of 25C (up to 40C will not cause any harm) before use to make the topcoating process easier.

  • Add desired amount of pellet feed to be coated to a mixer bowl and create a small depression in the center of the bowl.
  • Add Amplifeed Replete Topcoat to this depression. (Figure 1) 
  • Whisk in mixer until feed is evenly coated. Using a cover for the mixer and a high-speed setting will ensure even and thorough coating and absorption of Amplifeed Replete Topcoat by the feed . Note: It may be necessary to mix for several minutes and then use a spatula to wipe-down the sides of the bowl, followed by an additional 2-minute mixing time.
  • Completed feed is now ready to use (Figure 2) 

Store in dark refrigerator up to 2 years. 


Figure 1
Figure 2