Rotifer Resting Eggs (Cysts) Startup Guide

To initiate rotifer cultures from diapausing egg inocula start a 1–100 l culture of live microalgae  grown to a density of about 105–106 cells/ml.

Many algae species are suitable, including Tetraselmis, Nannochloropsis, Chlorella, Isochrysis, and Dunaliella, grown at temperatures of 15–32C and salinities of 15–35 psu.

Place Approximately 100 rotifer diapausing eggs/l into the algae culture and expect hatching in about 24 h.

Diapausing egg hatchlings initiate rapid asexual reproduction and soon enter into log phase population growth.

After about 1 week, depending on temperature, the culture will contain a dense population of rotifers, free of contaminants, that is suitable for inoculating mass culture production tanks.