"L-Strain" Rotifer Cysts Brachionus manjavacas Russian 10 Pack

"L-Strain" Rotifer Cysts Brachionus manjavacas Russian 10 Pack

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Rotifer Culture Crashed?

Use our Brachionus manjavacas resting cysts to quickly restart your rotifer culture. 

Our cysts are free of contamination from other rotifer species and ciliates. 

Guaranteed to hatch in 24 hours

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$10 to US locations

$50 to locations outside the USA. 

Easy to store and use on demand.  Just place in your freezer until ready for use. 

Dr. Terry Snell of Georgia Tech, one of the worlds foremost experts in rotifers developed our resting cysts products to make it easier and faster restart any rotifer culture after a crash or tank cleaning.  

Each pouch contains  3mg of cysts. about 7500 resting eggs sufficient to inoculate 75 liters of rotifer culture. 

Ships as a 10 pack for enough to restart 750L or a single pouch. 

Note,  the cysts are very small and hard to see visually.  Use a squirt bottle with saline solution to rinse the pouch into the vessel you are using to start your rotifer culture.